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So this is 2017?!

So this is 2017?!

One of my friends from work mentioned to me today that she had found my blog, I was actually quite surprised as I rarely update or share on social media feeds, but it did remind me that I haven’t updated for a while.

So Christmas came and went, it was both quiet and busy. Our family was quite subdued and quiet really as my grandmother passed away two weeks before it, so we were still feeling a bit weird about celebrating Christmas. My step-grandfather came over with the dogs though for Christmas day and we toasted to “absent family members”- my brother is also away with the army at the moment (nowhere dangerous!)

For a bit of escapism I went over to my boyfriends where things were far busier.. He has a massive family, full of hot-blooded French folk too, so lots of (what I hope was lighthearted) bickering, laughter, and crowded spaces. He has a great family though, they’re all good at conversation and warm and welcoming so it’s never a problem going over there, though I do find myself getting a tad oversocialised as it’s difficult to deal with long conversations with people you don’t know very well.

I have been attempting to grow up a bit as of late (ha! yeah right!) I opened a ‘Help to Buy ISA‘, in the hope that one of these days I will move out and stop being a late 20 something living at home at their parents. I don’t think they mind me being there though as I have been cooking up all sorts of feasts for my parents lately with a focus on it being nutrient dense and lower calorie. I also opened an additional savings account for rainy days, further education and hopefully a couple of cheeky holidays so it’s not all bore and snore.

I have also recently taken an interest in minimalism, and done a massive chuck out of clothes, old cosmetics, paper, books and just general clutter whilst repeating the mantra of Joshua Fields Millburn “Does this add value to my life?” Every time I am tempted to buy something I repeat this to myself and usually discover that the answer is “no“. It has been working for nearly a month, and I have actually seriously saved a shed load of money with this mindset (might be exaggerating slightly). It’s also made my life neater and more organised. It takes far less time to do housekeeping on my rooms. I know exactly where I need to locate important documents and I have actually found myself way less stressed as a result of just being tidier and fretting less over my stuff.

Concentrating on boiling my life down to the essentials has also made me think about my life in a much more holistic sense and made me question how I actually want to live. I have started questioning the career paths that are more visible to me. I still have no idea what I want to do, but I know now what I am not willing to do in the name of money when there are other ways that just require a bit more work to discover or even set up on my own steam. I have reassessed some of my life goals and I am figuring out ways to lead a life that is more fitting with my beliefs in terms of health, inner happiness and environment (cue loads of hippie barf on its way). No not really, just live a better life.

I think much of this has been aided by changes at work. I have actually decided that my last team leader is a guardian angel of sorts, and though massively inconvenient for him, he made sure I got out of a position that was making me more miserable than Eeyore. I am eternally grateful and will do my damnedest to make sure I buy him several luxury beers. Sure, I’m not in a better paid role as an administrative assistant, but my head is the clearest it has ever been in about 5 years and I actually have the space in my brain to think about what is really important rather than just hating on customers, management, everyone else for seeming so bloody happy (wake-up call, they’re not). I have energy to cook real meals with actual fresh vegetables and ingredients, to write, read books rather than passively wiping the drool off my chin as I stare at the moving figures on a screen (I am joking of course, this hasn’t happened yet- give it another 60 or so years!).

So that just about brings me up to date. Well done if you have made it this far! I will also make a sort of late new year’s resolution to update this more frequently!


My day off!



My my my, what a long time it has been since I last updated this page. I have been dabbling in all sorts since I last wrote on here. What can I say about my life? My bucket list makes me sound very slutty and worldly, but I am not really like that, and I’m not sure my boyfriend would be game for all of it….that aside, I have had a day off after a quick weekend in Leeds where I met one of my best mates from uni and watched Placebo with her.

We drank lots of beer and had a traditional Wetherspoons dinner accompanied by beer and then followed my more beer at a German pub originally named ‘Bierhaus’ followed by even more beer at the gig itself (I think by this point I had had about 6 pints and was definitely a bit woozy). Placebo were once again fantastic and I am still humming little ditty snippets of ‘The Bitter End’ and ‘Special Needs’ intermittently. Last night I just got home and lay in bed, then my boyfriend came and joined me for a nap and left again a couple of hours later (I think he was also a bit hungover from having spent the night playing games and drinking wine in a caravan with our other friends) so we snoozed and cuddled for a while then he had to go home to get ready for work the next day (Not I, for I was a genius that booked the next day off!).20161203_215916

So that was the weekend, and the reason I had booked the day off, and what better way to spend it than with another good buddy of mine, Rosa? We had a lovely lunch at a local vegetarian café called ‘The Whale Tail’ where I had a sumptuous feast of falafel, pitta bread and tzatsiki followed by a cafetiere of coffee. We then walked off our lunch with a lovely wander along Lancaster Canal and down through an orchard that leads back to Rosa’s place. Next we sat down and made yet another large cafetiere of coffee and painted some glass jars! Mine was awesome, but I think I might have gone a little bit wild on the colour scheme. Oops. Still it was cathartic, I feel calm and ready to rumble until Friday when I have another day off and plans to cook and drink wine with Rosa and our other friend Rachel. img-20161205-wa0000

The frustration of job-hunting

The frustration of job-hunting

I always forget that job hunting is in fact a full time job in itself. I have spent approximately six hours a day sifting through reams and reams of online lists looking for and applying to what seems like an infinite list of very basic job descriptions to no avail. I have thoughtfully and faithfully applied myself to some of the most mundane and boring job applications known to man, and not even received an AUTOMATED EMAIL to say ‘Thank you for wasting your time writing out what I’m sure was a carefully planned and original job application’.  I have not received ONE response, which can only mean that whichever idiot that told me to leave out the well-thought-out personal statement which introduced my work history, is simply just an idiot, as I used to get far more response than this with a CV which followed NONE of the conventions of CV writing set out by ‘THE MAN’.

The thing is, I’m applying to rather a lot of marketing and communications jobs at the moment, making use of every SOCIAL NETWORKING site known to man, diving to the murky depths of Totaljobs, Monster, Indeed, Prospects, Milkround and every recruitment agency with a telephone number and a website. I have even gone as far as sharing with them the web address to this blog so that they can get really up, close and personal with me, but I guess it’s like that line that Daniel Atlas uses as his motto in ‘Now You See Me’; “The closer you look, the less you see”. Maybe I should treat it like an online dating profile and not show them all my best cards at once, you know, string them along like a girl who just wants to have fun.

It’s kind of like being the ugly girl at the party. You put on your best dress, cover up the blackheads with foundation, powder and a bit of bronzer,you’ll line your eyes and flatter them like they’ve never been flattered, and tuck yourself into tight Spandex pants to make the wobbly bits less wobbly, yet even a simple hello to some of the least catchy men at the party is met with a one word response before you return to the comfort of your friends who will lovingly ply you with white lies about how they cannot believe how you can’t get what you want. My apologies for the dark metaphor, it is the only thing remotely close to the rejection of a job application.

The final straw of rejection came through this morning when even the Preston benefits office rejected my application on the grounds of some sort of tax review that they carried out from the last two years, not really explaining what it was, but nonetheless, unless I go back into the thankless world of hospitality soon. All I thought was ‘Oh great, I’m even lower than Lancaster’s chavs’  I am going to be eating baked beans for eternity.