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My day off!



My my my, what a long time it has been since I last updated this page. I have been dabbling in all sorts since I last wrote on here. What can I say about my life? My bucket list makes me sound very slutty and worldly, but I am not really like that, and I’m not sure my boyfriend would be game for all of it….that aside, I have had a day off after a quick weekend in Leeds where I met one of my best mates from uni and watched Placebo with her.

We drank lots of beer and had a traditional Wetherspoons dinner accompanied by beer and then followed my more beer at a German pub originally named ‘Bierhaus’ followed by even more beer at the gig itself (I think by this point I had had about 6 pints and was definitely a bit woozy). Placebo were once again fantastic and I am still humming little ditty snippets of ‘The Bitter End’ and ‘Special Needs’ intermittently. Last night I just got home and lay in bed, then my boyfriend came and joined me for a nap and left again a couple of hours later (I think he was also a bit hungover from having spent the night playing games and drinking wine in a caravan with our other friends) so we snoozed and cuddled for a while then he had to go home to get ready for work the next day (Not I, for I was a genius that booked the next day off!).20161203_215916

So that was the weekend, and the reason I had booked the day off, and what better way to spend it than with another good buddy of mine, Rosa? We had a lovely lunch at a local vegetarian café called ‘The Whale Tail’ where I had a sumptuous feast of falafel, pitta bread and tzatsiki followed by a cafetiere of coffee. We then walked off our lunch with a lovely wander along Lancaster Canal and down through an orchard that leads back to Rosa’s place. Next we sat down and made yet another large cafetiere of coffee and painted some glass jars! Mine was awesome, but I think I might have gone a little bit wild on the colour scheme. Oops. Still it was cathartic, I feel calm and ready to rumble until Friday when I have another day off and plans to cook and drink wine with Rosa and our other friend Rachel. img-20161205-wa0000


21st Century Living.


For anyone who is musically savvy, the title is a song-title. Also just a daily phrase, but I feel it applies especially today as I have been trying to implement a day of fasting similar to what my ancestors would have experienced. Basically yesterday, I downloaded the 5:2 diet to my Kindle, as like every other woman out there, I’m always trying to find the magical fix to make the pounds drop off (not that I’ve been trying very hard at all lately to diet, but after realising that last year’s ski trousers are a bit of a squeeze and a once (fairly) loose-fitting shirt is stretching to button up, I think it’s about high time I find that once and for all solution.

I liked the sound of the fasting 2 days a week approach, as my general approach to life its very much all or nothing, and so if for just 2 days a week I can scrape by on 500 calories ( I think that’s approx. what I have consumed today) and eat as I please the rest of the time, it might just be the key to actually sticking with something.

I know it’s all very boring and typical of me to write a post about diets, but hey, you’re here and reading, it’s a personal blog so here’s a personal detail of my life. 

So here are the goals. See if I can make it through next Monday and the following Thursday on 500 calories and again for the next forseeable months, whilst eventually fitting back into my ski trousers, and maybe some that are a few sizes smaller.

Watch this space. 

Things I enjoy…


I have been sat at this computer for nearly 5 hours and achieved the big fat zero. Perhaps it’s because I have been in an incredibly blasé mood all day. I started off by watching ‘Nick and Norah’s infinite playlist’ which is great. Watch it if you haven’t seen it.

I want to write a quick post about everything that I have enjoyed this week, which are only small pleasures, mostly musical, which have made the work load slightly easier.

#1. Not having tonsilitis anymore. I am fully appreciating the full use of my ability to swallow (roll on jokes about blow-jobs). No. It is more just for my enjoyment of chocolate/ solid food.

#2. Scott Pilgrim vs The World: Quick film review: Scott must fight Ramona’s 7 evil exes. Great script, awesome one-liners, Michael Cera, great use of street fighter style effects, fantastic soundtrack.

#3. Listening to the following bands: The Used, Taking Back Sunday, A Great Big Pile of Leaves, Jordan Klassen, Kishi Bashi

#4. Going for coffee with Karla

#5. Trying a Malteser Easter Bunny… I know, it’s January, but why not?

#6. Doing laundry (honestly, even this rates more highly than writing essays)

#7. Tidying my room (see above excuse)

#8. The satisfaction of emptying the dehumidifier

#9. Contemplating going to the gym, then deciding not to. Sweating can wait a few more days yet

#10. Talking to friends I haven’t spoken to in a while on facebook.

A short piece about bacon.


Everyone loves bacon. Well everyone who isn’t vegetarian that is to say. Bacon is the meat of life. I haven’t actually eaten any bacon today, but I plan to get my bacon out of the freezer and put it in the fridge so that I may have bacon and eggs tomorrow. My favourite German adjective “baconsche” as in “in the style of Francis Bacon, who is incidentally a pretty cool artist, you know, a little bit abstract. I think I actually prefer the smell of bacon to the taste and texture of the meat itself. The warm, salty comforting smell wafting through a house with the slight homely smell of burning logs combined with fresh coffee is the best kind of wake up one could wish for. The crunch of bacon, sandwiched in a roll of springy, soft white bread, with melted butter oozing through a paper napkin is always the greatest kind of sandwich. Little squares of bacon to compensate the boring texture of salad, just tossed in, making it nice and salty and crunchy.

Bacon really is the most satisfying meat.