Monthly Archives: September 2016

Bucket list


OK, I have never actually seen the film ‘The Bucket List’ but I have seen enough American films and TV shows to know that it’s basically a list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket. So here goes…

  1. Visit every single American state
  2. Find out about my ancestry
  3. Write a book
  4. Own a business
  5. Quit a job and make it the most successful job quitting there ever was.
  6. Be size 12 ( a sad state of affairs for women, but I do know I want to at least know how it feels to not be a whale)
  7. Run a marathon (probably whilst coinciding with the above)
  8. Kiss a boy in the rain-  next step errmm sex in the rain?
  9. Go to the Grand Canyon– I think I need to go back and do that one again
  10. Have a glass of whiskey in a checked shirt in a mahogany room in a mountain cabin
  11. Smoke a cigarette with a strong coffee at an outdoor table by the Seine, hopefully whilst gazing at the Eiffel Tower
  12. Go to Iceland (not the supermarket) and have a bath in one of those hot outdoor lakes and breathe in the sulfuric fumes.
  13. Stand underneath the Angel of the North with my arms out whilst someone takes a photograph of me.
  14. Climb up a mountain on the Isle of Skye and look around, hopefully with a massive DSLR camera capturing the beauty of it.
  15. Do the Go Ape Zipline trail through Grizedale.
  16. Go to Budapest.
  17. Visit an obscure Eastern European country for a weekend
  18. Go to Asia
  19. Go to Africa and take a photograph of an elephant and a giraffe. Maybe try and befriend the giraffe.
  20. Take a kid to a petting farm
  21. Get a diploma in something cool and obscure like pottery or homeopathy
  22. Read a philosophical piece of literature, without skipping chapters and refer to it at every available opportunity.
  23. Read all the set texts from university that I never actually read but wrote misguided essays on.
  24. Get an Alsatian rescue dog.
  25. Tell someone I hate what I really think of them.
  26. Tell someone I love what I really think of them.
  27. Write a song.
  28. Be the coolest auntie when my siblings have kids.
  29. Maybe have a kid of my own someday.
  30. Or adopt one.
  31. Do 20 unsupported press-ups in a row.
  32. Go to Munich and visit the University where Sophie Scholl dropped all the anti-nazi leaflets in the film, Sophie Scholl.
  33. Learn to speak fluent French again.
  34. Speak fluent German again.
  35. Read the German books my mum gave me.
  36. Visit the Harry Potter Warner Bro’s studio.
  37. Watch a show in London.
  38. See a TED talk.
  39. Make a radio appearance.
  40. Buy something I actually like in Topshop, then condescendlingly look a member of staff from that Godforsaken store up and down.
  41. Attend a political rally.
  42. Start an activism campaign.