Monthly Archives: April 2013

Lancaster is up to its usual tricks again.


By that I mean raining. I had to go to the post-office this morning to send my dear brother some haribo to cheer him up in Afghanistan and got soaked in about 10 minutes….

I am also aware that the more time I spend here, the more I am actually turning into my parents. Alcohol down, I am now judging my dad every time he eats cake (since when have I been a food nazi? Oh yeah, since living with them), and enjoying increasingly lengthy periods out in the wild. Little by little the big city is getting less appealing, except the friendship ties, of course that’s always appealing (for the ‘closie’s’ reading this 😉 ) 

I am feeling a little sick though. I have a feeling that all of these walks and other procrastination type trips to town/ post office/ shop are a new form of denial that I have my finals in the next 5 weeks or so. Fuckkkk. I guess I should stop blarghing and get on with it. 

Also, I really wish I’d been a blog-twat and taken an instagram of my lunch, as it was a rather awesome looking tuna walldorf salad. NOM. Bis bald Mensche!