Hey hey it’s me again and my thumb is bleeding.

That last part is irrelevant.

Lately life has improved. My referat is over! (probably haven’t got a good grade as I cannot for the life of me work out what the hell I was talking about, but I went to Swansea over the weekend which was good, meant getting out of Leicester anyway! I’d update with photos, but my camera-whore days are well and truly behind me, and I’m not about to sell out to Instagram, which as far as I’m concerned is the brother of Big Brother. 

Listening to Matthew Good on Mike’s recommendation, padding out my “emo” playlist little by little. Though I am listening to one of the more upbeat albums. I feel that despite the sudden, freezing downturn in the weather, the week is going to be good. No big assessments to worry about, no dramas in the field and my cold is almost behind me!

Contemplating returning to Lancaster for the full 5 weeks of Easter to crack the driving lessons crisis once and for all, but I’ll see how I’m faring for money. Bit short on the dollar given how much I have spent lately (£100 clothes and shoes, weekend away, plus bike and room lighting.)

On a parting note, this album is good, and I’ve had a good weekend, life is good, the future’s bright, HAPPY DAYS!

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