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The day after day one.


Wow, incredible to say, I actually feel amazing. I thought I’d wake up grumpy with a rumbly tummy but I haven’t. My head is switched on, and despite the aches and pains of a foot injury (and added from falling over in the mud yesterday, a back injury) I feel I could just go out and run a mile. My equivalent to this will be knuckling down to a few German exercises to test out the positive cognitive effects of this “diet plan”. In the meanwhile, I’m thinking about breakfast. It’s a free day, so I fancy eggs.
Ciao ciao. ūüôā


21st Century Living.


For anyone who is musically savvy, the title is a song-title. Also just a daily phrase, but I feel it applies especially today as I have been trying to implement a day of fasting similar to what my ancestors would have experienced. Basically yesterday, I downloaded the 5:2 diet to my Kindle, as like every other woman out there, I’m always trying to find the magical fix to make the pounds drop off (not that I’ve been trying very hard at all lately to diet, but after realising that last year’s ski trousers are a bit of a squeeze and a once (fairly) loose-fitting shirt is stretching to button up, I think it’s about high time I find that once and for all solution.

I liked the sound of the fasting 2 days a week approach, as my general approach to life its very much all or nothing, and so if for just 2 days a week I can scrape by on 500 calories ( I think that’s approx. what I have consumed today) and eat as I please the rest of the time, it might just be the key to actually sticking with something.

I know it’s all very boring and typical of me to write a post about diets, but hey, you’re here and reading, it’s a personal blog so here’s a personal detail of my life.¬†

So here are the goals. See if I can make it through next Monday and the following Thursday on 500 calories and again for the next forseeable months, whilst eventually fitting back into my ski trousers, and maybe some that are a few sizes smaller.

Watch this space. 



Hey hey it’s me again and my thumb is bleeding.

That last part is irrelevant.

Lately life has improved. My referat is over! (probably haven’t got a good grade as I cannot for the life of me work out what the hell I was talking about, but I went to Swansea over the weekend which was good, meant getting out of Leicester anyway! I’d update with photos, but my camera-whore days are well and truly behind me, and I’m not about to sell out to Instagram, which as far as I’m concerned is the brother of Big Brother.¬†

Listening to Matthew Good on Mike’s recommendation, padding out my “emo” playlist little by little. Though I am listening to one of the more upbeat albums. I feel that despite the sudden, freezing downturn in the weather, the week is going to be good. No big assessments to worry about, no dramas in the field and my cold is almost behind me!

Contemplating returning to Lancaster for the full 5 weeks of Easter to crack the driving lessons crisis once and for all, but I’ll see how I’m faring for money. Bit short on the dollar given how much I have spent lately (¬£100 clothes and shoes, weekend away, plus bike and room lighting.)

On a parting note, this album is good, and I’ve had a good weekend, life is good, the future’s bright, HAPPY DAYS!

‘Manche Menschen sich √§ndern nie’- I hope not to be one of them.

‘Manche Menschen sich √§ndern nie’- I hope not to be one of them.

Life is a bit of a broken record, it’s probably just been my recent apathy towards it which is the broken record though. Same activities week after week, same places, same faces, it doesn’t take me long to want to run screaming from Leicester and never look back. That is certainly not to say that I hate these places and faces, that certainly is an extreme and probably quite offensive thing to say. Plus, what I’d do without some of the amazing people here is something certainly not worth thinking about, though people are slowly being filtered out, usually just through the pettiness of deleting the facebook friends that spammed my newsfeed with word incontinence and extreme self indulgence.

I have decided that the shake up starts the moment I finish off the final essay, the final essay sentence, the final verb conjugation. Preparation has begun, I have been endlessly scanning ski-job sites, average flight costs (mostly to Vancouver), which bike I want to get next (I am going to get a roadie and start taking the old exercise a lot more seriously this summer) and finding ways to keep myself occupied for the inevitably long summer and autumn in Lancaster.

So, whilst I will always look upon Leicester fondly, I don’t expect I will live here any longer than I have to.