A short piece about bacon.


Everyone loves bacon. Well everyone who isn’t vegetarian that is to say. Bacon is the meat of life. I haven’t actually eaten any bacon today, but I plan to get my bacon out of the freezer and put it in the fridge so that I may have bacon and eggs tomorrow. My favourite German adjective “baconsche” as in “in the style of Francis Bacon, who is incidentally a pretty cool artist, you know, a little bit abstract. I think I actually prefer the smell of bacon to the taste and texture of the meat itself. The warm, salty comforting smell wafting through a house with the slight homely smell of burning logs combined with fresh coffee is the best kind of wake up one could wish for. The crunch of bacon, sandwiched in a roll of springy, soft white bread, with melted butter oozing through a paper napkin is always the greatest kind of sandwich. Little squares of bacon to compensate the boring texture of salad, just tossed in, making it nice and salty and crunchy.

Bacon really is the most satisfying meat.

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