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A list of things I’m looking forward to over the coming months.



b) Seeing my Dad when he comes back from Saudi

c) Seeing my family in general

d) The language show in London

e) Graduation next year

f) Getting all my essays out the way

g) Being able to emigrate to more exciting places and activities.

h) The current moment. Life feels good because it’s so busy. I haven’t time to be bored which is making me thrive!


26 reasons why my life will never be a Taylor Swift music video…


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Let’s face it, the songs are catchy, the videos feature a lot of Swifty depicting a(n often failing) relationship with a very hot guy.

a) My hair will never be wavy and blonde

b) I will never look as elegant in a ball gown.

c) I can’t sing. Ask my friends/ house-mates

d) I’m not as endearing as dear Taylor.

e) I’m not 6ft

f) or size 8 for that matter

g) I am far more cynical than dear Swifty about all things men and relationships

h) I can’t play guitar

i) I don’t have any spare squirrel costumes

j) Or a wardrobe with that many pyjamas

k) If a guy dumps me, or just isn’t interested, the first thing I do is hit the wine/ chocolate, I don’t dance around my room singing about it.

l) I have had American people explain to me numerous times what bleachers are. I will never understand why they are called bleachers. Why can’t they just call them seating areas. It’s far more straightforward.

m) I can never see myself telling a guy “you are the best thing that’s ever been mine” without laughing hysterically as I do it.

n) My life isn’t set in a series of romantic lakes, forests or cafés.

o) I have never compared any of my relationships to Romeo and Juliet

p) and on that note, I think we are way past the age when men asked the girl’s father’s permission for her hand in marriage.

q) my family background is relatively stable and sound, I need a bit more sorrow in my life to make the cut for a Swifty music video

r) I don’t wear thick rimmed glasses with the lenses punched out, because I can accept that I have 20:20 vision.

s) I don’t have a band at my disposal every time I have a break- up

t) or a ballroom

u) my bedroom is a box. So there’s no  room for tantrums or angry dancing/ air guitaring,without sending my whiteboard/ noticeboard flying!

v) there is no hot guy neighbour whose bedroom window looks into mine, as we gaze longingly at each other, falling that little bit more in love every day.

w) There is a distinct shortage of elegant white ponies around here. Plus health and safety regulations mean I can’t keep one in my bedroom and play my non-existent guitar to it.

x) There have been times after break-ups when I thought… “well actually, we might get back together…”

y) When it’s December where I’m from, you can’t sit in the house in a skimpy vest top and bare feet. You need hoodies galore, fleecey pj’s and ski socks.

z) I don’t have edgy, cool, vintage furniture. Instead I have a mattress with broken springs, a broken chest of draws and a desk designed for toddlers.

Bedding down


It’s 1.30am. I’m tired but I’m going to stick something to watch on my laptop as I often can’t sleep without it, and I thought I’d offload about work once again to the cyber world. Right now I’m honestly wondering if I would just rather be poor, but then again, even if I just did 10 hours a week, it would probably be better. 

After this week I’m going to do a serious bit of cutting down on work. It’s not my problem if they can’t find staff. They should have employed more people, or just not spent several billion on a gym. 

I have so much reading to do and I am MEGA panicking for French, but we’ll see how it goes.

Can’t see a social life happening soon. 

Offload offload

I’m in brain emptying mode. Getting it all out.

Might watch Sherlock. Or should I watch House? Which one. House is a bit too complex I think for this state of mind. I keep falling asleep and only watching half an episode at a time.

Right that’s enough. I’ve finished my fake lemsip. Just need water. 

I hate being ill!


The latest goings-on in Sarah world…


Well, the good news is I got the job. The bad news is, I hate it and I’m already ill (Fresher’s Flu I imagine).

Started on Friday night. The other staff are lovely so that’s always a win, but since coming back to work they’ve done some serious job cutting and now we’re severely understaffed, though mgmt don’t seem to realise it. I’m not going to go into the ins and outs of serving students, but I am seriously knackered, and have barely had time to catch up with myself before starting another shift. Going to have to have a chat with Mrs Boss about cutting down my hours so I can actually concentrate on my degree, although having money is nice.

Also went out on Friday night with my housemates. Well 2 of them. One had her French boyfriend over so we thought we’d give them the house to have plenty of loud-lover-time together without us hearing it. Not sure in that situation who would be more embarrassed. Anyway, was a fabby night. We danced for a bit then went to socialise on the smoking terrace, where my friends all fell in love with a guy with a very hairy chest (I admit that I thought he was fit too until he stood up and I realised I was taller than him). I eventually started chatting to some other guy, who was also rather pretty, I gave him my number but forgot to take his. Ahh well, shit happens!

Since then, my life has revolved around getting up and going to work, then coming home and doing it all again. It’s very tiring and I hope to have a life again soon before I get to the brink of insanity.

Had a very weird dream about my old geography teacher last night, that he took us on a tour of the world in 2030, and everyone was transported around on log-flumes. I don’t know what my subconscious is playing at!

Anyway ciao fellas!