The money woes of a student girl…


I always forget just how many financial commitments I have to make in September and October. It’s stressing me out. 

There’s always the boring things to sort out, like the bills, the rent and food shopping, then you see all the awesome outfits your friends bought over the summer, or since you last saw them and decide that yes, you also want to spend silly money on new trousers, shoes and dresses. Then of course there’s going out, catching up with old friends over coffee and fancy dress parties… I decided today, that rather than going to the library to study, despite my promises to Roisin, staying at home would be a safer bet on my bank balance.

I had a job interview with RACS yesterday and don’t know when I’m going to hear back from them, I hope I got it, but I feel like I was too relaxed at the interview and didn’t take it seriously enough, but I guess I’ll find out soon. They said they would call today, but maybe she’s just taking her time with it or something. We’ll see. I feel like I have fucked up though. What am I going to do for money this year?? I need to learn to drive!!!!!!! Stress stress stress!

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