How to pass time alone in the countryside…

How to pass time alone in the countryside…

1)Magazines, and LOTS of them: To keep in touch with the rest of the world, see pictures other than the view of your own rainy panorama.Currently having a bit of a “geek-out” on National Geographic. I’ve spent the last few weeks arm with a few magazines, old and new, fantasizing of far-off destinations, on beaches, mountain tops and tangled jungle tree top view platforms and posing myself silly questions such as: “if I had the money, where would be the first place I’d fly off to…” Maybe one day the £100,000 scratch-card will be mine. I live in hope.

2) Internet shopping: Once again, this is not just a pursuit for girlish matters like clothes and things. As I said in my first article, I’m hoping to drop a few dress sizes before I mix up in that business. Since returning from Germany, I’ve spent a fair amount of money on books and awesome picture prints after getting a little bit too happy on the Snapfish website after getting the free student offer from I got a fantastic panoramic photo printed, about the width of my arm span (well it feels like it when I lift it up, as it’s so heavy! It’s the one on my facebook page, only cropped and zoomed to the bits that I like, as well as a smaller one, which I need to re-identify as I forgot the name of it, but both pictures look very impressive. My dad took both pictures on his DSLR camera, as I don’t own one and if it had been done on my little £50 Canon job, it would NOT have turned out well!

3) Walks and bicycle rides in the country: As anyone who knows me well should know, I am not the world’s most physically fit person, in fact, I imagine my physical fitness is lower than average, however I do spent quite a lot of time going around the local country paths, in what I would quite like to think is a windswept Tess of the d’Urbervilles kind of way, but I imagine it’s a bit more like Shrek to  passers-by. I have gotten so familiar with the cycle track between Brookhouse and Morecambe now that if I knew it was empty just for me, I’m sure I could do it with my eyes closed, but I tend to challenge myself by trying to keep up with the Lycra clad road biker types, which kind of makes me laugh, especially when I do keep up with them as they kind of look a bit horrified that this very unfit looking person on a mountain bike has come speeding up behind them. It’s the small things in life.

4) Big pile of books- don’t know whether it’s fortunate or not that my uni reading list seems to be huge this year, but they all take a while as the ones about French Algerians tend to be rather full of colloquial chit chat, which I sometimes just don’t get. I have also just finished the Hunger Games audio book and am about to start on the next one. It’s pretty simple reading though.

5) Digging out things of the past: I had a bit of a rummage in my bookcase the other day and discovered my mum had put a load of school pictures from the days of old on the bottom shelf. I was amused by how dazed/ miserable/ elated (depending on the year) my siblings and I looked over the years. They really are quite funny. I also found a load of old paints/ crayons, stamp sets and other bits of collage kits that we used to use, and attempted to get creative, but in all honestly, my inner artist hasn’t really matured much since the days of being entertained by children’s kits and glitter. Ahh well, glitter and glue will always be fun anyway!

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