Careers n shit.


Lancashire is now officially the most dull place in the world. I am quite literally DYING of boredom. I think I now know every inch of the cycle way I have been up and down it that many times, and have watched every episode of new Girl, Sherlock on repeat and am now moving onto “A place in the country…”

Have spent the morning looking at careers sites and am sort of trying to narrow down my options, but they’re all having serious sort of advantage/disadvantage things which is making it impossible for me to make a valid career oriented decision. 

1) I’ve wanted to work in the Alps for as long as I can remember, not because I am amazingly sporty (ha ha ha) or outdoorish, I just like it because there’s always interesting people to talk to and meet etc and usually a good social scene/ way of life… one to do whilst I’m young or wait til I’m old and in need of a quiet life? Downside is, you usually need a lot of experience/ start up money/ ability to tolerate living off very little for a few years, unless you can miraculously swing yourself a managerial position… time to start getting some managerial experience methinks…

2) Language related jobs- this is all EU kind of stuff, which will help keep the languages going, which is hugely important to me, as I can’t stand the idea that I’ve spent all this time and money on studying languages and then there’s the possibility that they’ll get the slip once I’ve graduated, but the idea of living in Brussels and putting up with smarmy people with dodgy ideas on politics always puts me off.

3) Teaching- another thing where you can keep the lingo, but you will never be on a high salary and have hundreds of kids to contend with on a daily basis- perhaps not.

4) Throw languages and everything into the wind and get a standard grad job in London with money, but live in an expensive city and carry on living like a student for a long foreseeable future.


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