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The money woes of a student girl…


I always forget just how many financial commitments I have to make in September and October. It’s stressing me out. 

There’s always the boring things to sort out, like the bills, the rent and food shopping, then you see all the awesome outfits your friends bought over the summer, or since you last saw them and decide that yes, you also want to spend silly money on new trousers, shoes and dresses. Then of course there’s going out, catching up with old friends over coffee and fancy dress parties… I decided today, that rather than going to the library to study, despite my promises to Roisin, staying at home would be a safer bet on my bank balance.

I had a job interview with RACS yesterday and don’t know when I’m going to hear back from them, I hope I got it, but I feel like I was too relaxed at the interview and didn’t take it seriously enough, but I guess I’ll find out soon. They said they would call today, but maybe she’s just taking her time with it or something. We’ll see. I feel like I have fucked up though. What am I going to do for money this year?? I need to learn to drive!!!!!!! Stress stress stress!


Telephone manner.

Telephone manner.

I realised today after several attempts at trying to make my voicemail box greeting a bit more employer friendly, just how northern I sound now, compared to a year ago. I don’t know how the transformation occurred, particularly as I have been away from the accent.

I have no idea where the hell this accent comes from, I can only guess that the reason was homesickness or actually using the accent as impersonation type humour, which like cross-eyed kids, will get stuck eventually.

I have a couple of American friends here and there, and although I have endeavoured to master this (sometimes frightful) accent, my attempts were often deemed too unconvincing or too offensive.

So a few nights in and several episodes of  Live at the Apollo and 8 out of 10 Cats later, I found myself turning up the Lancashire, more just out of empathy with northern comedians such as Lancastrian, Jon RIchardson (weird crush 2k12?) as a bit of Lancaster loving, then took it too far and I now sound to put it shortly, common Trying several times to make answerphone greetings , which were a) comprehensible and b) potential-employer-friendly,  is quite a time consuming task when you have the occasional telephone induced stutter and swear like a sailor. The latter is an issue to address which I must add to my  ever-growing list of resolutions.

I now make a promise unto myself that I will at least give Queen’s English a try and stop using the words “fuck”, “bollocks” and most importantly “shit”.

This could prove quite problematic as my favourite proverbial saying is “no shit, Sherlock” and “fuck” is my own vocal form of punctuation, with “bollocks” giving my speech a regular tea-bagging.

I think I may have to make a swear box, but I need some replacement curses, which are witty and catchy. Suggestions?

Packing up for final year…

Packing up for final year…

When you first start university, you’re excited at the prospect of going back every semester to see all your friends, have some privacy from the parents and to rearrange your tiny bedroom/ hovel each time you get back. Now that I’ve done the year abroad and lived in 4 different places over the last 15 months (twice France, twice Germany) I am a little fed up of that “living out of a suitcase” feeling. It gets tiring doing all this packing, then unpacking it all again the next day, the long journeys, waiting around in airports and just in case I don’t mention it enough, the hours spent folding clothes and hanging them up, then knowing you’ll have to do it all over again in 3 months time. Call me a grumpy pessimist all you like, that’s just the way I see it. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy my year abroad (because it was actually bloody brilliant), I just really hate packing!

This year, I know it won’t be the last time- in fact, with the jobs I have in mind, I could be doing this for years to come, but I thought I’d rant about it anyway. There are several emotions that you go through whilst packing, which I thought I’d share…

1) Elation- that I will be leaving this rainy Lancashire climate, for what I hope will be a slightly warmer one “down South” in Leicester (My fingers are crossed). The ultimate joy of course is the prospect of seeing all the friends that I haven’t seen for a year, as well as those that I have.

2) Boredom- I absolutely loathe folding clothes and trying to make the place I’m about to leave tidy for when I next come back and so that my mother doesn’t feel the need to come in and spring clean.

3) Nostalgic- It’s only times like this when you come across tokens from the past, big and small of memories such as nights out, old tickets from trips away, ex-boyfriends clothes, family pictures and strangely I found myself having a laugh reading old school reports “Sarah really needs to put more focus into her work if she wishes to succeed”.

4) Stressed- I always leave it really late, then you realise there are still many so many things you want to do before you leave like saying goodbye to friends, then damn, you forgot to send off that really important form which will get you money whilst you’re away, and oh shit, where the fuck are the keys and details of how to get into the new house????

5) A teensy bit guilty- for ranting about boring Lancashire is to Mum. Asking all the time why ever they thought to move to Lancaster of all places in Britain, was there nowhere more exciting/ warmer we could have gone, then leaving her here alone for a few months (we’re all grown ups in our family now, well maybe not me). I make a note to myself that I must remember to  call the parents more often than I currently do, drop them alone and let them know I didn’t drown in a pool of my own vomit outside a club.

Hope you enjoyed my rant. Big loves and peace out!

It’s raining, it’s pouring, it’s nearly 11 o’clock in the morning.

It’s raining, it’s pouring, it’s nearly 11 o’clock in the morning.

Time for a daily report of absolutely nothing. The rain is still coming down by the bucket load, the clouds unrelenting. I swear that Lancaster has its own rainy micro-climate. The other day when I was on the train back home, literally got just past Galgate and it started raining immediately. I have barely seen the sun these last few weeks. No wonder I look a bit like a vampire these days, especially as I have lost my make-up wipes and there is a smudge of eye-liner and mascara deepening the shadows under my eyes. This crap weather is making me feel really lethargic as well, there is nothing worse to me at the moment than the idea of going out there for a stomp around the countryside, as I will inevitably get soaked and miserable.

Reading the Hunger Games part two, it’s one of those non-put-downs, which I wasn’t expecting, but then if I was going to narrate my life, that’s probably about the same tone I’d use, only I am definitely not starving or controlled by some sort of crazy post-apocalyptic dictatorship! Though talking of that, I did find this somewhat rather amusing article in the Guardian about some American security agent writing to Americans and telling them to prepare for Zombie Apocalypse…, I’m a tad sceptical about how real it is, but nonetheless, still entertaining.

With that, I bid you good day and better weather than I’ve got.

How to pass time alone in the countryside…

How to pass time alone in the countryside…

1)Magazines, and LOTS of them: To keep in touch with the rest of the world, see pictures other than the view of your own rainy panorama.Currently having a bit of a “geek-out” on National Geographic. I’ve spent the last few weeks arm with a few magazines, old and new, fantasizing of far-off destinations, on beaches, mountain tops and tangled jungle tree top view platforms and posing myself silly questions such as: “if I had the money, where would be the first place I’d fly off to…” Maybe one day the £100,000 scratch-card will be mine. I live in hope.

2) Internet shopping: Once again, this is not just a pursuit for girlish matters like clothes and things. As I said in my first article, I’m hoping to drop a few dress sizes before I mix up in that business. Since returning from Germany, I’ve spent a fair amount of money on books and awesome picture prints after getting a little bit too happy on the Snapfish website after getting the free student offer from I got a fantastic panoramic photo printed, about the width of my arm span (well it feels like it when I lift it up, as it’s so heavy! It’s the one on my facebook page, only cropped and zoomed to the bits that I like, as well as a smaller one, which I need to re-identify as I forgot the name of it, but both pictures look very impressive. My dad took both pictures on his DSLR camera, as I don’t own one and if it had been done on my little £50 Canon job, it would NOT have turned out well!

3) Walks and bicycle rides in the country: As anyone who knows me well should know, I am not the world’s most physically fit person, in fact, I imagine my physical fitness is lower than average, however I do spent quite a lot of time going around the local country paths, in what I would quite like to think is a windswept Tess of the d’Urbervilles kind of way, but I imagine it’s a bit more like Shrek to  passers-by. I have gotten so familiar with the cycle track between Brookhouse and Morecambe now that if I knew it was empty just for me, I’m sure I could do it with my eyes closed, but I tend to challenge myself by trying to keep up with the Lycra clad road biker types, which kind of makes me laugh, especially when I do keep up with them as they kind of look a bit horrified that this very unfit looking person on a mountain bike has come speeding up behind them. It’s the small things in life.

4) Big pile of books- don’t know whether it’s fortunate or not that my uni reading list seems to be huge this year, but they all take a while as the ones about French Algerians tend to be rather full of colloquial chit chat, which I sometimes just don’t get. I have also just finished the Hunger Games audio book and am about to start on the next one. It’s pretty simple reading though.

5) Digging out things of the past: I had a bit of a rummage in my bookcase the other day and discovered my mum had put a load of school pictures from the days of old on the bottom shelf. I was amused by how dazed/ miserable/ elated (depending on the year) my siblings and I looked over the years. They really are quite funny. I also found a load of old paints/ crayons, stamp sets and other bits of collage kits that we used to use, and attempted to get creative, but in all honestly, my inner artist hasn’t really matured much since the days of being entertained by children’s kits and glitter. Ahh well, glitter and glue will always be fun anyway!

Careers n shit.


Lancashire is now officially the most dull place in the world. I am quite literally DYING of boredom. I think I now know every inch of the cycle way I have been up and down it that many times, and have watched every episode of new Girl, Sherlock on repeat and am now moving onto “A place in the country…”

Have spent the morning looking at careers sites and am sort of trying to narrow down my options, but they’re all having serious sort of advantage/disadvantage things which is making it impossible for me to make a valid career oriented decision. 

1) I’ve wanted to work in the Alps for as long as I can remember, not because I am amazingly sporty (ha ha ha) or outdoorish, I just like it because there’s always interesting people to talk to and meet etc and usually a good social scene/ way of life… one to do whilst I’m young or wait til I’m old and in need of a quiet life? Downside is, you usually need a lot of experience/ start up money/ ability to tolerate living off very little for a few years, unless you can miraculously swing yourself a managerial position… time to start getting some managerial experience methinks…

2) Language related jobs- this is all EU kind of stuff, which will help keep the languages going, which is hugely important to me, as I can’t stand the idea that I’ve spent all this time and money on studying languages and then there’s the possibility that they’ll get the slip once I’ve graduated, but the idea of living in Brussels and putting up with smarmy people with dodgy ideas on politics always puts me off.

3) Teaching- another thing where you can keep the lingo, but you will never be on a high salary and have hundreds of kids to contend with on a daily basis- perhaps not.

4) Throw languages and everything into the wind and get a standard grad job in London with money, but live in an expensive city and carry on living like a student for a long foreseeable future.